Words are my specialty, and, well, they’re not all that interesting to look at on a website. To make this part pretty, I’m including a smattering of words combined with print and design so you can see the full package.

What words need to do is get people to take action. Smile, click, “like,” “share,” buy, cry, go, be.

I used words to grow a website from a medium-sized blog to one of the biggest industry voices, moving it from a low five-figure yearly income to a six-figure income.

I write words that make people pick up the phone and say: “Help me promote my event.” “I want to partner with you to restore this historic greenhouse.” “How many apple trees should I buy? I know I need at least two.” “My daughter wants a new race board. Can you help me pick one out?” “I need to book six bicycles and two paddleboards for my family vacation.” “I want to make my mother a fairy garden for her birthday.”
My favorite? “I never open email newsletters, but I always open yours.”

Words from The Garden of Words, LLC convert—into sales, readers, leads, and social shares.

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