How did I get here?

Wait, first, how did YOU get here? Somebody sent you my link? You saw my website address at the bottom of an article? You were looking for a book about plant words and found the website for a copywriter instead? Someone told you I could help you, right? That’s how a lot of people end up here.

How did I get here? A copywriter specializing in plants and paddleboarding, dabbling in coffee cake and organic pet food, ghost editing books about how to grow pot hydroponically, and producer of shiny and colorful five-fold brochures. After all, I was supposed to run botanical gardens. Well. Life happens.

Now, instead of teaching people, in person, how to plant a butterfly garden, I write about it. Instead of writing newsletters for one garden or museum, I code emails to sell paddleboards or bikinis or coffee cake.

I learned one of my most valuable marketing tools from studying the construction and promotion of the biggest boyband on the planet. (It works. Want to know what it is? Drop me a line.)

I’m the family eulogist.

At some point, between learning how to use curatorial software and painting pumpkins with three year olds I learned that I am really good at two things:

  • Telling stories that make people laugh, cry, and, most importantly for you—buy.
  • Running on the hamster wheel.

Business problems fall into three categories:

  1. Boring stories resulting in slow lead generation.
  2. Inability to focus and stay on target.
  3. Failing to close the deal.

HOO BOY! Those are my superpowers! PHEW!

And that’s why you’re here. It’s why I’m here, too.

What’s your biggest problem? I can help. Or, if I can’t, I might know someone who can.

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The Boring Boilerplate

Prior to starting The Garden of Words, I worked in museums, botanical gardens, public radio stations, the mall, a family-owned steakhouse, and a shirt factory. I’m a terrible waitress, but a good busgirl. I write great email pitches and make large, organizational spreadsheets, but I don’t do accounting. Before my “office job years,” I studied horticulture, public administration, curatorial techniques, fundraising, marketing, and chemistry.

My current and former clients include: Monrovia, Quarto Publishing, Cool Springs Press (an imprint of Quarto Publishing), Quarto Global Book Development, QUID Publishing, Saxon Holt, Burpee, Stark Bro’s, UpShoot Hort, Jobe’s Organics, Ball Publishing, Boston Coffee Cake, Blown Away, Outer Banks Media, The Association of Professional Landscape Designers, Coastal Urge, The Carolina Cup, Blown Away Raleigh, Succulent Gardens, Distressed Mullet, Carolina PaddleBoard Co., Robin Stockwell, Ball Publishing, NC Press, and more.

Former full-time employers include:

Queensboro Shirt Company
Wilmington, NC

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Airlie Gardens
Wilmington, NC

Assistant Director
Head of Gardens

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga
Ticonderoga, NY

Curator of Landscape

WBAA, Public Radio from Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

FM Station Music Librarian

Conner Prairie
Noblesville, IN

Historical Interpreter

Smithsonian Institution, Horticulture Services Division: Washington, DC
Marie Selby Botanical Garden: Sarasota, FL
Washington Park Arboretum: Seattle, WA
Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library: Greenville, DE
Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College: Swarthmore, PA
Indianapolis Zoo: Indianapolis, IN
Longwood Gardens: Kennett Square, PA
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN


University of Delaware – The Longwood Graduate Program

Master of Science, Public Horticulture

Purdue University

Bachelor of Science, Public Horticulture

GWA member

(I did not nominate myself, but I am honored to receive the award.)

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