Hey There!


Pull up a rocking chair and have a glass of tea – iced, unsweet, no lemon – while I tend to the trees.

We grow profits in this garden. I just can’t resist a pun. Sorry. (Not really.) “They” say money doesn’t grow on trees. Who are “they?” Don’t listen to them. They’re nobodies. ‘Cause money definitely grows here.

Who would guess that a simple turn of phrase could increase the bottom line by 50% or a strategically placed call to action would double conversions? It’s amazing what grows when properly tended.

There’s a good chance, no, a 100 percent chance that right now you’re missing half of your harvest (we’re talking cold, hard cash) – whether you sell plants or paddleboards, chocolate bars or custom pajamas.

Glean the most from your business with punchy, motivating, stimulating words that encourage action. (Remember: action = profits, eventually, anyway.) Take a stroll through the Garden of Words. I’m glad you’re here!




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