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Every single business consultant I’ve ever read would tell me I’m not supposed to have a Chinese menu for my services list. Too much choice! Too confusing! If you’re the kind of person who prefers to frequent small boutique or divey restaurants with the two daily options written on either a fancy chalkboard or a paper plate (depending on which type establishment you’re frequenting), here’s your service menu:

Running on the Hamster Wheel

Organizing and implementing, served with a side of copywriting, and garnished with frequent follow-ups.

This is the best choice for businesses or individuals that need someone to get things done with precision and on schedule. A good example of this is email marketing or social media campaigns. Somebody has to be able to make a schedule and stick with it, tracking down all of the moving parts—pictures, prices, copy, links, schedules—and making sure those are cohesively put together and mailed. It’s not a one-time thing, either, it’s ongoing, and exhausting to someone being pulled in 20 different directions. Need help?

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Storytelling & Deal Closing

Juicy words that incite action. Served on glossy 100 pound paper.

Have a smooth operation but not enough customers? Get lots of leads but low conversions? Great reputation but slow business? Your story needs a makeover—whether it’s a website, brochure, email campaign, or advertising strategy. You have the infrastructure and the credibility but you aren’t bringing in the money. That’s ok. It can be fixed.

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“How do I describe Katie? She is the life preserver that helps me and my business stay afloat. That chick knows her stuff, works fast, is on target (I swear she is a mind reader) and always has my back. A #greengoddess if ever there was one.”Maria Zampini, President UpShoot! Hort

The Big Menu

Decisions, decisions! (I always order garlic vegetables and a side of fried rice. General Tso’s chicken if I’m feeling naughty.)

Here’s the big menu.

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    Product descriptions, brochure text, words to fill your website an incite action.

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    Email marketing & lead generation

    If you don’t have a great email list, you’re leaving money on the table. Period. We can provide full-service email marketing planning and implementation from graphics to words to conversion testing.

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    Press release writing & distribution

    Get your story out in a way that makes people care and act instead of delete.

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    Blogging & content marketing

    GOOD content is still key on the internet, particularly if you want to position yourself as an expert so that potential buyers seek your products and services.

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    Editorial writing (articles: industry & consumer)

    If you’re hiring me to do this, you probably need help ghost writing. See below.

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    I will write anything for you and put your name on it for the right price. As long as it’s about something legal.

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    Development, horticultural, and content editing

    Have a big ol’ pile of words that doesn’t make a lot of sense? Need someone to Americanize your book written in the UK or Australia? Want someone to check growing information? I’m your gal.

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    Website design and copy

    My graphics and web ninjas can make you a site from scratch and I’ll write some pretty and pretty useful words for it.

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    Sales & advertising

    Do you need a punchy ad? How about some landing page copy? Are you trying to sell something but don’t know what a landing page is? Send me an email and we’ll chat.

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    Brochure/flyer/post card design & printing

    There’s still a place in this world for paper. We can help you put those dead trees to good use so you don’t feel bad they were cut down.

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    Graphic Design

    If you’ve perused the portfolio, you know that the graphics wizards at The Garden of Words are magicians and can design pretty much anything.

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    Social media strategy & implementation

    Love it or hate it, most businesses need a social media presence that actually ENGAGES THEIR CUSTOMERS. If you just can’t get to it, we can help.

I have two fantastic graphic artists that work with me to produce all of your design and printing needs!

Know what you want? Confused, but think I can help?

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